How to Select a Baby Name?

Search on the Internet,

(1) The first result is from

The key points are: Sound, Uniqueness, Significance, Initials, Names that age well

(2) The second result is “9 things I wish I knew before I chose my baby’s name from

1. The name is super popular. 

2. Family will learn to love it.

3. Some people just won’t get it.

4. Most name associations don’t last.

5. Pop culture can change everything.

6. The name might not suit the kid’s personality.

7. The name doesn’t lend itself to nicknames.

8. Unusual names may be problematic.

9. The name you pick will be perfect.

(3) The third result is How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Baby from

19 suggestions on 19 pages…

(4) “Tips for Choosing a Baby Name” from

Make it sing

Keep it short

Simplify the spelling

Consider nicknames

Look at initials

Honor tradition

Be original

Consider what’s popular

Analyze the meaning

See what fits

(5) “Choose the right baby name: 10 top tips” again from Babycenter

1. How does the name sound with your surname?
2. What do the full name’s initials spell out?
3. Do you like the shortened version of the name?
4. Is the name popular already?
5. Does the name have any unfortunate connotations?
6. Does the name go with the names of your older children?
7. Can you imagine your baby as an adult with this name?
8. Will other people be able to spell your baby’s name?
9. Does your baby suit the name?
10. Do you both love the name?

 (6) “Baby Names – Parenting-Checkpoint”
According to its meta information, “By analyzing 50 million social profiles, we how each of 26000+ names correlate with university, jobs, potential employers, and others”.
After clicking into the site, the information provided is quite different from other sites. So far, there is no meaning of names or origin of names…etc. However, there are some interesting statistics about how names associated with each job title, universities, and companies. Also, it has a list of Indian baby names and races distribution of each first names. In other words, you can find out the percentage of Asian, Hispanic, Black, or native Indians of each first name so you can avoid or use the name that fits your baby’s race.



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